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Promoting lifelong learning in museums and galleries across Europe

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Collect & Share (C&S) is a new Europe-wide network extending cultural access. In particular it promotes exciting lifelong-learning opportunities for visitors to museums and galleries by gathering and sharing good practice.

The project is very much work-in-progress; we value all input.


C&S news

Bursary offered and studio space provided
The V&A is establishing a series of six month residencies in the Sackler Centre for arts education at the V&A (opening summer 2008). A partnership between the V&A, londonprintstudios and London Printworks Trust presents a new opportunity for mid career practitioners to have a studio at the V&A and to have access to the partners’ print workshops for six months, commencing in January 2009. Proposals are invited from non UK based artists and makers working with, or wishing to work in print, who wish to develop their practice through working with the V&A collections, using the facilities at the London Printworks Trust and londonprintstudio and by engaging in the public programmes that all three partner organisations run. Deadline for applications: 9th May 2008 To apply go to

engage / enquire International Conference 2007, Bradford
When Art and Context Leads to Meaning: International Artists' Practice, Education and Interpretation, 21-23 November 2007. Working internationally and for culturally diverse local audiences, galleries and museums need to question the impact of culture and context on how collections and exhibitions are understood. The conference will explore cultural specificity and how we can ensure meaningful participation when operating across different cultural contexts. Do artworks need to be framed within their original context in order to be meaningful? Does the process of learning differ across cultures, thus impacting on how we facilitate learning? For more details visit

engage in Venice – report now online
A report from the engage event at this year's Venice Biennale is now online. Visit

Lifelong Learning in Museums: A European Handbook
This handbook, an outcome of the Lifelong Learning in Museums partnership is designed to support museum and gallery staff, especially those with responsibility for education, interpretation or access, in programme planning, delivery as well as longer-term strategic planning and training. Topics covered include: learning theories, methodological frameworks, working with diverse audiences, the museum environment. Available free from engage (a charge will be made for postage) or to download from

STEP beyond fund
The fund supports cross-border movement of artists and cultural workers to experience diversity and cross-cultural cooperation between all European countries. For more information visit

  European partners include:
EAEA, European Association for the Education of Adults, Belgium
engage, United Kingdom
European Museum Forum, United Kingdom
Istituto Beni Culturali, Italy
Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (Finnish National Gallery), Finland
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
Moderna Galerija/Museum Of Modern Art Ljubljana, Slovenia
Musee du Louvre, France
NIACE: The National Institute of, United Kingdom
Portuguese Association of Enterprises with Museums, Portugal
Statens Kulturrad (The National Council for Cultural Affairs), Sweden

European Associates so far confirmed include:
Arken -Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
Comune di Torino, Italy
European Centre for Cultural Organisation and Management, Italy
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Republic of Ireland
Laboratory of Creative Education, Poland
Moderna Museet, Sweden
National Museums Wales, United Kingdom
Nederlandse Museumvereniging (The Netherlands Museums Association), Netherlands
Pinakothek der Moderne, Germany
Universidad de Barcelona, Spain
Victoria & Albert Museum, United Kingdom

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