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Adult Learning Inspectorate
The Adult Learning Inspectorate aims to raise standards of education and training for young people and adults through inspecting and reporting on the learning provision they receive.
Artworld: Resources for Teaching in World Art

When Charles Landry founded COMEDIA in 1978 our initial interests were reflected in our name. COMEDIA stands for a combination of 'communication' and 'media' and we were concerned with how people and organizations got their message across with imagination and verve. This broadened out increasingly to how cities communicate their ambition to their citizens and the wider world and how in turn citizens can more actively shape their urban future. We have worked with many organizations large and small, from small creative businesses to cities such as Helsinki, Adelaide, Johannesburg and Glasgow.
Department for Schools, Children and Family

E-Learning Knowledge Base in Museums and the Tertiary Education Sector
A directory of resources, organisations, journals and training
Information for the cultural sector on funding, conferences, seminars, publications etc. related to European opportunities and education.
Grundtvig's List of Courses

INSEA – International Society for Education through Arts

Lifelong Museum Learning (LLML) – a Socrates-Grundtvig project
The LLML project is aimed at museum educators/ cultural mediators already responsible for adult education in museums or who want to develop adult programmes. It aims to design, deliver and disseminate training and didactic material to support museum educators.
Socrates Adult Education

TransitionTradition magazine
TRANSITIONTRADITION is an online magazine, resource directory and events diary that helps students and graduates trans-end the gap between non-vocational degrees and future employment. The site showcases student and graduate talent through publication and work experience opportunities. The site directory focuses in particular on the roles and resources available in the cultural industries, each entry has been approved and checked ensuring the information is accurate and up to date. As well as the directory and magazine transitiontradition offers forum pages and national events listings creating an online graduate community without geographical restraint.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation