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Visual Arts

Campaign for Drawing
The Campaign for Drawing has a simple but ambitious aim - to get everyone drawing. The Big Draw, the Campaign's annual October showpiece, proves that drawing can be a public activity as well as a private passion. Throughout October it offers a wealth of family-friendly activities and encourages active participation by all ages. Last year 1300 events took place in galleries and museums, arts centres, heritage sites, hospitals, libraries, schools and universities.
Danish Education Centre/ Arken Museum
The Centre has extensive experience in adult education including understanding of successful methodologies and adult learners; importance of visual culture in promoting citizenship and greater European awareness
Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

Irish Museum of Modern Art
IMMA has extensive experience working with adult audiences and artists and has developed good practice methodology based on parity of esteem and respect between educators, artists and audiences, recognising that roles can shift and change – audience can become artist and artist become educator.
Laboratory of Creative Education
The Laboratory at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw has 25 years of experience and expertise in gallery education projects with all ages. A centre for creative thinking and experimentation, it is a place for the creation and documentation of art in all its forms.
Moderna Museet
Moderna Museet is nationally responsible for its field and provides expertise related to the museum collection of modern and contemporary art along with experience and expertise in working with education programmes for various groups and ages.
National Museums and Galleries of Wales
NMGW has considerable experience in good practice with adult learners particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Paintings in Hospitals
Welcome to Paintings in Hospitals Paintings in Hospitals is a registered charity that provides original works of art on loan to NHS hospitals, hospices and other healthcare facilities to enhance the healing environment for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors.
Pinakothek der Moderne
have expertise in developing and delivering gallery education and lifelong learning for all ages, outreach and access programmes for special audiences and training programmes for staff and students.
Start in Manchester Arts and Mental Health
Start in Manchester uses art as a tool to help people recovering from a period of mental health to regain confidence, self-esteem and practical life skills.
The National Network for the Arts in Health
NNAH is an advocate for the Arts in Health field, bringing together the arts and health communities, disseminating a wealth of information, resources and products.
Victoria & Albert Museum
The V&A is a centre for public learning and a leader in its field, researching and developing creative structures, networks and strategies for learning.